21 September 2022 to 23 September 2022

Feral Festival

Signal becomes FERAL
Interventions in public space / knowledges / tactics during 3 days in Brussels

* Feral: relating to an animal or a plant having reverted to a wild state

In line with the questions raised in the previous Urban Academies, in view of the tendency of artists to de-concentrate from cities and to see the rural as a new space for freedom and imagination, we invite artists, thinkers and activists to discuss the interdependance of rural/urban, in order to get out of this binary thinking. Beyond the asphalt/plant dichotomy, are we witnessing a transformed public space?

What are the artistic projects and practices resulting from these issues?  What is the place of the rural in the city? What are the existing knowledge and struggles which continue to build the commons? 
Public space becomes wider, more sensitive, more alive.

Let's gather, let's cross experiences, let's wander and explore, let's go for a getaway, let's mingle...

Soon more information on our brand new website. Stay tuned!