CIFAS is pleased to announce the appointment of its new director, Marine Thévenet!

After more than 10 years of commitment and investment at the Direction of CIFAS, Benoit Vreux has decided to hand over the position. Following the recruitment process, in which we had the pleasure of discovering some very good candidates, the Board confirmed the choice of the Reading Committee and appointed Marine Thévenet as his successor. She takes the helm of CIFAS for the next five years.

CIFAS - a resource centre for experience-based transformation

For CIFAS, Marine Thévenet has presented a strong, original, committed project, open to the world and aimed at a variety of audiences. She proposes a collective learning space with a programme of workshops, debates and public interventions that support experimentation, alternative knowledge, being together, public space and artistic desire. Its aim is to think about public space and to approach learning from a holistic and living perspective, integrating rurality, the edges of wild life, valuing so-called peripheral knowledge and activating all our senses.

She continues the path traced out in recent years by Cifas as a think tank for the performing arts in public space, anchored in contemporary political and social stakes.

"We will try to uncover the Senne and bring the city back to vitality. We will question the issue of housing and invite artist-urbanists to mark empty houses in Brussels. We will collect love songs that people will come and sing for us in order to feel alive. We will go for a walk, we will pass through doors, we will settle in new corners of the city from which our reflections, works and experiences will be felt differently, we will have an intimate and wild practice of the city..."

Marine Thévenet attaches a great importance to the question of context and the human and social impact that art can have on society, she is interested in new forms of live art and collaborative practices. She has a long experience of curation and production, with a strong international dimension, which she developed while working for Artsadmin in London. Her experience at the Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit in Rennes has given her a serious expertise in the field of live arts in public space. Her involvement with l'Amicale has enabled her to create tools for working and reflecting on cooperative and collaborative practices.

Among the artists and contributors who inspired Marine Thévenet's project are Kathrin Böhm and Myvillages (UK/DE), Rosana Cade (UK), Marcus Coates (UK), Futurefarmers (BE), Luigi Coppola/Scuola della Agricultura (BE/IT), Rebecca Davies (UK), Phoebe Davies (UK), Roland Gunst (BE/CG), Terike Haapoja (FI), Tim Ingold (FR), Andrea Luka Zimmerman (UK), Anna Rispoli/Britt Hatzius (BE/DE), Ahilan Ratnamohan (BE), Laura Nsengiyumva (BE/RW), Lone Twin (UK), Jack Tan (UK), Selina Thompson (UK), Lotte van den Berghe (NL), Youness Baba Ali (BE/MA), Marianne Villière (FR), Jazoo Yang (DE), Estelle Zhong Mengual (FR), Peggy Pierrot (BE), Fabian Foort (FR), McLoud Zicmuse (BE)...

The Board and the team would like to thank Benoit Vreux most warmly for these rich years, which have given CIFAS the opportunity to open up to new perspectives and to develop so many exciting projects.

Today, we are thrilled to dive into the new adventures that await us, welcome Marine Thévenet!


The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts, CIFAS, was born twenty years ago, willing to provide performing artists opportunities to develop their artistic practice by meeting and confronting internationally renowned directors.

The current project CIFAS, initiated in 2009, intends to continue this legacy, adapted to the changing contemporary arts scene, in particular by extending its activities to all the arts and opening access to creative artists.


CIFAS develops a training program in the performing arts scene (theater, dance, circus, live art, playwriting, in situ work ...) aimed at professional and active artists – creators and performers.

This in-service training program mainly takes the form of artistic research workshops led by international artists, invited to share their practice, technique, thematic ... during working sessions of serveral days in Brussels.

CIFAS proposes symposiums, summer universities, talks and seminars around the issues in which we are particularly interested; Education, Art and the City, Artivism, to name just a few. These activities are adressed to artists, teachers, producers, politicians, students, researchers, cultural mediators...

CIFAS also organises SIGNAL, a yearly programme for critical reflection on the complex relations between art and public space. In addition to offering debates and workshops around practices and experiences of living art in public space, SIGNAL also features a program of artistic actions addressing Brussels’ urban fabric - the urban interventions.


CIFAS aims at the emergence and recognition of new arts territories, in all their dimensions. In order to achieve this, we focus on three types of relationships which we think are best able to disturb the trainee’s perspective on his own artistic practice.

Art in relation to urban space: the modern city - Brussels being no exception - mixes and clashes worlds and lifestyles which are so cosmopolitan that it becomes an international scene in itself. At CIFAS, we believe that this scene is auspicious for all the daring, all the questions. Visual artists, performers, dancers, street artists, or even urban planners and activists, meet in this place to question the human, social and dramatic relationships coming out of it, thus shifting our perception.

Mixed forms of art: beyond the transdisciplinary approaches of the arts which are common in contemporary works, we want to propose meetings and workshops where art, discourse and techniques mix and mingle: 'circus and feminism ',' video and activism 'or yet ‘writing in the twenty-first century '. Intercrossing forms mixes our perception.  


CIFAS edits an electronic magazine called Klaxon about living art and public space. Klaxon can be downloaded for free on all kinds of supports.

CIFAS also edits under the most varied forms - newspapers, films, postcards, artist's books... - the tracks of workshops and artistic projects which started at CIFAS.


CIFAS is a member of the European network IN SITU, of Réseau des arts de Bruxelles (RAB) and of the European Network FACE.

CIFAS is also associated with various events promoting the discovery and emergence of young artists coming out of the art schools of the Wallonia-Brussels Community.

CIFAS is a program supported by the Service of the French speaking Government of Brussels and Actiris.