27 October 2014 to 1 November 2014
150 euros (déjeuner compris)
Candidatures avant le 10.10.2014

L'inscription peut se faire via le formulaire accessible sur ce site version classique.
Artistes de tous les horizons (12 max)
Lundi 27 octobre > Samedi 1er novembre
Théâtre Océan Nord
63/65 rue Vandeweyer
1030 Bruxelles
Les chiens de Navarre

on stage is
our freedom.
We are
free to do
what we want. 

Obviously, with an author, it's more complicated. 

Generally, he has written something that needs interpretation. So when we start working, we prefer leaving and leave the author out of it all. We have situations, images, an open book and maybe only a sentence which we like or which resists us, desires, states, we are happy or angry, we want to laugh, frigthen of be scared. 

And that is where it all starts. 

Then we gather on stage and we start to talk, to write without paper nor pen, to write like this, simply, from that sitation or that state, we take a table and some chairs, for example, and then everything that amuse us: a raclette machine, green paint, blond whig or a farting cushion and here we go.

Everything is possible."

Priscille Depinay

Cifas (suite...) offers contemporary artists to illustrate its communication.

Priscille Depinay illustrated the workshop led by Les Chiens de Navarre.

Priscille grew up in Normandy and now lives in Paris.

Her work explores the relations between individuals, as well as strategies put in place to try to understand each other. 
Age, sexe and species are parameters to adjust in this systematised research for an absolute language.