21 September 2018 to 23 September 2018

SIGNAL will be back in September for its seventh edition!
Debates, workshops and urban interventions address our relation to the city, and confront our views - whether we agree or not.

The Joy of Disagreement

If the question of the Common is more than ever at the heart of our living together and our urbanity, it would be a mistake to infer a constant consensus, in the name of the general interest. The city is also made up of areas of opposition and conflict of opinions. From these frictions springs the sparks of democracy, it is specifically in disagreements that we feel alive.

Art in urban space does not get away from these fruitful confrontations. It is actually often an example as, by nature it is forced to leave the beaten path of artistic logic to confront other realities specific to the city, and systems that seem antagonistic. Think about trade, lifestyle, health, sport, urbanism, religion or celebration, which also cross social space and whose interests, codes, modes of operation, differ from those of art. From these confrontations arise works that touch us because of the risks they take and the dialogues they open.

These themes run through the program of our seventh edition of SIGNAL / Art and the City in different ways: in the artworks presented in public space and in debates and workshops of the Urban Academy.

With (to be confirmed):
Chantal Mouffe (BE/UK)
Joanna Warsza (PL/DE)
Tunde Adfioye (BE)
Les Gens d’Uterpan (FR)
Kubra Khademi (AF)
Maria Sideri (GR)
Juhyung Lee (KR)
Reclaim the Future (EU)
and many more...

The programme is under construction, but save the dates!